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Remember | A Conversation with God | A Non-Dual Poem

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Remember is now available on YouTube: Watch Here.

Remember is a short, fictionalized poem that recounts a conversation with the Supreme, seeking to inspire, motivate and re-empower us by gently reminding of the truth of who and what we truly are. That we are not the ever-changing body-mind, or its many fluctuating emotions and thoughts, but rather we are timeless, uncreated and beautiful.

The distinction is as between the ocean and the wave. Very few of us dare to believe we are the ocean, thinking ourselves but a tiny wave, but the truth is that we are neither the ocean nor the wave, but the very water without which neither could exist.

Remember therefore seeks to help us rediscover true purpose in life and find a path forward. Start the journey today by changing your thoughts with this one simple truth, that you are more than you could possibly imagine. 💛🙏

Visit us on YouTube!

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